What's New?

Yaad 1.0.0 (Public Preview)

Rocket Added
  • End-to-End Encrypted Syncing: Finally, your private boxes are automatically synced across all your devices, with the highest level of security; thanks to the AES-256 encryption.
  • macOS: Yaad is now available for macOS (Both Apple Silicon and Intel)!
  • Linux: Yaad is now available for Linux (ARM)!
  • Entities: Covers. Now you can choose a cover for each of your notes, tasks, and people.
  • Cover: Currently comes in two variants: Artworks and Animated Artworks. You can choose from a variety of artworks and animated artworks to set the cover of your entities.
  • Password Hint: You can now request a password hint if you forget your password.
  • Sync Indicator: A new indicator is added to the bar to show the syncing status.
  • Subscription: Publish the premium subscriptions, offering extended benefits.
  • Log Out: Log out is brought back to life with the introduction of syncing!
  • Update Reminder: Yaad now lets you know when a new version is available.
  • Verification: Email Verification is now required for new users.
  • Follow Us: Blog URL is added to the "Follow Us" section.
Hammer and Wrench Fixed
  • Error: Authentication errors are vague and don't provide enough information.
  • Windows Installer: Default installation path is not user-friendly.
  • Popup: Smaller popups have unnecessary extra height.
  • Bottom Bar: The compact mode affects bottom bar's height.
  • Animation: Blue Waves Background animation is too fast on Android 12 and below.
  • Android: Authentication fields' placeholders are not visible.
  • Desktop: App doesn't open if the data directory does not exist.
  • Desktop: Taskbar icon's corners are not round enough.
  • Network Connectivity: Network connectivity check doesn't work.
  • A lot more small internal and external performance improvements, tweaks and fixes...
Bricks Changed
  • Color Picker: Improve the layout and the user interface.
  • Desktop: Add label to Note, Task, and Person icons for clarity.
  • Authentication/About: Drastically improve the performance of blue waves animation on Android 13 and above.
  • Desktop: Increase minimum window size.

Yaad 0.2.0 (Private Preview)

Rocket Added
  • About: "Follow Us" section.
Hammer and Wrench Fixed
  • Android: Incorrect back button behavior.
  • Desktop: Crashing after double-clicking on title bar with trackpad.
  • Icon Selector: Editor becoming blank after rapidly selecting icons/colors.
  • Register: If the registration is left halfway, "Please log in again." error is shown on later attempts.
  • Libraries: Libraries' list uses app language to determine layout's direction.
  • About Yaad: Back button is always in left-to-right layout.
Bricks Changed
  • Trash: Turn action button (new item) into back button.
  • Icon Selector: Improve selection performance.
  • Language: Improve translations' spacings.
  • Language: Improve Arabic translation.
  • About Yaad: Improve expressing the love for Yaad!

Yaad 0.1.10 (Private Preview)

Hammer and Wrench Fixed
  • Dropdown Menu: Bad horizontal positioning in right-to-left languages.
  • (Editor) Icon Selector: The keyboard is opened after selecting an icon or color.
  • Icon Selector: Crashing after rapidly selecting icons/colors.
  • Authentication: Extra end padding of fields that don't have a trailing icon.
  • Authentication: Cropped layout when the height is lower than needed.
  • Welcome: Language changes don't take effect on the welcome screen.
  • Login/Register: Keyboard is automatically closed in some screen sizes.
  • Login: Dividers are not clear in light mode.
  • (Authentication) Profile Editor: Incorrect text color in light mode.
  • Editor: Initial editor mode should always be "Edit" on new items, regardless of the last used mode.
  • Popup: Rounded corners contain a dark artifact.
  • Popup/Dialog: Focus can escape out of popup boundaries.
  • Desktop: Scrollbars are not clear in light mode.
  • Desktop: Title bar is focusable.
  • Android: The splash screen's icon is white when the system is in light mode.
Bricks Changed
  • Editor: Use consistent padding and scroll offset regardless of the keyboard state.
  • Editor: Only display the top bar buttons when the item isn't empty.
  • Authentication: Overall layout improvements.
  • Language: Improve Persian translation.
  • Task Editor: Minor layout improvements.
Trash Bin Removed
  • Profile: Disable logout; because it is meaningless without the syncing feature and opens a door to data loss.

Yaad 0.1.0 (Private Preview)

Rocket Added
  • After relentlessly pursuing a vision for ~1000 days, Yaad, the source of truth you've been longing for, is finally added to the world!