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Why Yaad?

Manage Notes

Write, edit, and organize your notes. Use simple markdown for formatting. Access the note history and restore previous versions, and link notes to other entities.

Handle Tasks

Manage your tasks and to-dos. Set deadlines, reminders (WIP), and priorities. Attach notes and people to tasks for better organization.

Centralize Contacts

Keep track of your contacts by adding them. Add, edit, and delete people with ease. Put all the information you need in one place.

Divide with Boxes

Put your notes, tasks, and contacts into personalized boxes. Create boxes for different aspects of your life and keep them separate.


Access your data anytime, anywhere. It's stored on your device and automatically syncs to the cloud when you're online, keeping everything up-to-date.

Hardened Security

Lock it Down. Own Your Data. Yaad uses end-to-end encryption, unlike most apps! That means only you can read what you wrote - not even Yaad's creator.


Yaad is available on Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Use it on your phone, tablet, and computer. Your data syncs across all your devices.


Yaad is a native app built with the latest technologies. It uses cutting-edge tech for a smooth and reliable experience that's also easy on your battery.


Yaad is available in 13 languages. It's designed to be used by everyone. It supports all calendars (Gregorian, Hijri, etc.) and timezones across the globe.

Ironclad Privacy, with E2EE.

Sync Anywhere,Free, Forever

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